Court Booking

You must cancel any courts that are not being used.

Warning:  When wet or frosty, the courts & lines become slippery and may be dangerous to play on.  Please take this into consideration when deciding to play. No play should take place when the courts are too wet or frosty.


The cost is £2.50 for 30mins.

These lights are paid for in advance at the point of booking and will turn on at the time of your booking.

We will set the period in which the lights will be activated in line with daylight.

For example, in the winter, we will set this from 4pm onwards, therefore if you book after 4pm the lights will be an option. If you played at 10 am there would be no option for light

Floodlights on courts 1-4 are run on a token system, which need to be bought from a coach of the cafe during opening hours.

Floodlights on courts 5-7 are booked via the system directly

The red light warning light will come on at the back of the court, this indicates you have 5 mins left

If you have any questions, please contact Karen, head coach, at 07909 730836 or [email protected]